VacCirc In-Well Stripping & Recirculation System for environmental remediation

Vacuum Driven In-Well Stripping & Recirculation System


  • VacCirc is a trade mark for a patented method of environmental remediation using in-well stripping, vapor extraction and groundwater re-circulation. 
  • VacCirc performs two-phase extraction without removing water. 
  • The VacCirc method strips up to 99 % volatile organic compounds such as petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents from groundwater during recirculation within the treatment zone. 
  • VacCirc increase dissolved oxygen content in groundwater during recirculation and enhance bioremediation. 
  • VacCirc uses innovative environmental engineering principles and is effective treating chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons. VacCirc also increases in-situ aerobic bioremediation. It can be enhanced by addition of oxygen or ozone to the release wells. 
  • VacCirc may be applied as a source removal, as a final polishing method after core remediation and as a barrier to prevent further migration of contaminants

VacCirc Environmental Remediation System Specifications

  • The VacCirc Environmental Remediation System is very simple to install and operate. 
  • No moving parts in the recirculation well components. 
  • All PVC construction drop tubes and wells. 
  • Very easy to cleanout/replace or rehabilitate if biofouling (rarely) is encountered. 
  • The VacCirc System has the following main components:
  • Re-circulation wells and monitoring piezometers
  • Vacuum blower
  • Vapor treatment unit
  • Conveyance piping
  • Gauges and meters

VacCirc System Benefits


Strips (removes) VOCs from groundwater

VacCirc System removes (strips) up to 99 % of the volatiles from groundwater during each recirculation cycle.


VacCirc will remove even hard to strip compounds such as 1,4-dioxane after multiple recirculation and stripping cycles. Given that each cycle strips 10% to 20% of 1,4-dioxane, after 10 to 20 recirculation cycles, 60% to 98% of the 1,4-dioxane will be removed. 

No need for groundwater surface treatment

VacCirc environmental remediation system recirculates groundwater in subsurface after removing up to 99% of the VOCs;  therefore not require groundwater extraction and surface treatment

Increase dissolved oxygen in groundwater

VacCirc Increases DO concentrations in Groundwater several orders of magnitude up to 8-12 mg/l

Increases biodegradation in subsurface

VacCirc eliminates a need for treatment and disposal of the extracted water and enhances naturally occurring biodegradation. VacCirc is created by an environmental consultant with 35 years of experinece in environmental remediation and environmental engineering.

Can be implemented with other remediation methods

VacCirc may be combined with ISCO, EISB, Thermal, UV or Ozone generation systems.

Simple to operate and maintain

VacCirc has no moving part in subsurface, very simple to operate and maintain.