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Bays Environmental Remediation Management Bays Environmental Remediation Management Bays Environmental Remediation Management

Environmental Hydrogeologists

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Solutions for Site Assessment and Characterization:

  • Phase I Site Assessment for Industrial and Commercial properties meet and exceeds   ASTM E1527-13 requirements
  • Phase I for rural and forest land properties meets and   exceeds ASTM E2247-16  requirements/ 
  • Phase I investigations are performed by ASTM E50 Member environmental consulting services professionals with current knowledge on most recent ASTM Standards
  • Property Transaction Screening, Property Condition  Assessments
  • Seismic Zoning, California Fault map review and assessments
  • Phase II and III Site Investigation, Site  Characterization and Site Conceptual Model Development
  • Vapor Intrusion, soil gas investigation, indoor air  sampling
  • Environmental Engineering and Consulting 
  • Accelerated assessment using direct push soil sampling,  MIP, CPT, ROST and hydropunch groundwater sampling
  • Drilling and well installation using mud rotary, hollow  stem auger, sonic, air rotary, percussion hammer and bucket auger rigs
  • Agency + Client + Consultant Partnership

Solutions for Feasibility Evaluation & Remedial Option:

  • RI/FS and Conceptual Modeling
  • Bench Scale Studies (ISCO, EISB, surfactant, chemical fixation)
  • Pilot testing  (SVE, TPE, MPE, ISCO, EISB, aquifer pump test)
  • Proprietary,  Patented, VacCirc  In-well stripping and recirculation method pilot testing, design and  installation.
  • Remedial options report and remedial implementation work plan

Solutions for Remediation Hydrogeology:

  • Remedial Injection design for ISCO and IESB, Injection Monitoring
  • Injection/extraction modeling
  • SVE, DPE, TPE, low friction setup for TPE, In-well  stripping and recirculation
  • Pump and Treat Capture Zone and De-watering Evaluations
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Groundwater and contaminant modeling
  • Water resources studies

Solutions for Remediation System Optimization:

  • O&M management, environmental remediation system and capture zone evaluations
  • Sustainability Assessment and Implementation
  • Removal rate evaluation and Remedial system optimization
  • Second opinion, path-to-closure evaluations 
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation, DO, Temperature, CO2 and CH4 Surveys and Evaluations
  • Request for closure letters and analysis
  • Closure criteria evaluations, and developing defensible  site closure rationale
  • Cost - benefit analysis and end point determinations

Solutions for Small Manufacturing and Plating Companies:

  • Regulatory compliance for manufacturing, plating, oil and gas storage facilities and POTW
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and NPDES Permitting
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
  • Underground Storage Tank removal & compliance
  • Conditional Use Permit Application, CEQA initial study and negative declaration. 


Solutions for Construction Companies:

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for Construction Sites
  • SWPPP Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Waste Management Plan, Soil Monitoring, Sampling, Soil Stockpile Management
  • Air Monitoring, Dust Control, Noise Monitoring and Compliance Plans and Field Implementation
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
  • Conditional Use Permit Application, CEQA initial study and negative declaration.  

Solution for Oil and Gas E&P Companies:

  • Pollution source investigation, Compliance with new proposed/promulgated CA-DOGGER, USEPA, CAL-EPA, SWRCB, APCD, AQMD and State ARB Rules
  • Waste management, minimization and spill contingency plan
  • Permitting Assistance (NPDES, WDR, ARB)
  • Groundwater Monitoring (pre, during and post fracing operations) program design and
  • Formation evaluations-Wireline Log Analyses
  • Groundwater tracer studies
  • Potential groundwater impact evaluations

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Bays Environmental Remediation Management received a patent for VacCirc - Vacuum Driven In-Well Stripping and Recirculation System

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10% off on standard Fee of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. 

What's New at Bays

 Bays Environmental Remediation Management received a patent for VacCirc(TM) - Vacuum Driven In-well stripping and recirculation. Use VacCirc with SVE system, remediate groundwater while remediating soil with SVE. No permit required by most agencies. Bays will provide free assistance in design and permitting if required. Visit for more information,  Please contact us for free site evaluation and in-house presentation with a display model of VacCirc.


Do you work in teams as a sub?

  • Yes we will work with general contractor or oversight consultant as a part of your project team. 

If I need a specialized service and you do not have that, then what?

  • We reach across company boundaries to form  effective and results oriented project teams. 

Why Bays?

  • Bays is innovative, think outside the box. Our professionals developed patentable solutions and many imporements for the standard practices . We know you have many choices, but you will never know what you are missing until you give us a chance to prove ourself to you. 

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Cost Effective

Quality environmental consulting services by experienced  environmental remediation professionals at  very affordable rates. 



No Obligation Evaluations

Cost Effective

We think outside the box, to provide most innovative environmental remediation solutions for client's environmental engineering problems. We have developed several patentable solutions and many innovations for the standard practices in environmental consulting services .


No Obligation Evaluations

No Obligation Evaluations

No Obligation Evaluations

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 Bays Environmental Remediation Management is excited to announce that we are now operating under Cardno, out of the Lake Forest office. All our existing services including VacCirc patented in-well stripping and recirculation method are available through Cardno. For further information please contact Mehmet Pehlivan at 949-340-1024 or, Thank you 

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